Are you a current eVA vendor looking to meet your contractual obligations under the latest SWaM and Micro SWam requirements?  Are you struggling to meet the minimum requirements under the SWaM Procurement Plan you submitted with your proposal for the contract you were awarded?  Are you wondering how you will meet those requirements as you respond to a RFP?  Are your Pay Requests being kicked back due to lack of Micro/SWaM utilization?  

Failure to meet those requirements may affect awards, renewals and /or modifications to your contract, as well as final payments and the awarding of future contracts to your organization.  Don't let failure to meet Micro SWaM requirements negatively impact your business and your relationship with the state.  

We want to partner with a select number of contractors to provide those contractors with the supplies they need and the guaranteed Micro SWaM compliance they need.  We're smart, understand the system, and are willing to work to serves the needs of all stakeholders.  

It's a partnership that serves us all. Contact us by sending us an email in the form below and we'll get right back with you.

We are quickly building partnerships with the following types of supplier partners:

  • Micro SWaM businesses
  • SWaM businesses
  • Small businesses
  • Southwest Virginia businesses
  • Virginia businesses
  • Name brand distributors and manufacturers.

Virginia has many needs and we want to partner with you to deliver the best prices, products, services, and customer service that Southwest Virginia can offer.  If you're interested in becoming a supplier partner, please use the contact form below to reach out or call or email us.


Micro SWaM Certified

# 715031

Expires:  2/12/23



Ready to talk about a partnership?  Send us an email and we'll get right back to you. 

The conduit between Virginia agencies and supplies.